For establishment of a holistic Stroke Care Society in Bhutan

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“Stroke free Bhutan”



    • To undertake various programs to create awareness on stroke prevention, support stroke patients, educate and assist families and caregivers in stroke care.
    • To formulate and facilitate holistic healing services and stoke related research


The primary objective is  to created an  alternative option for holistic approach of providing and facilitating Community Based Non-medical Rehabilitation Services both in modern and traditional methods to people diagnosed with stroke and stroke related illnesses in Bhutan.

    • Facilitate individuals suffering from or at risk, to access services from the health facilities
    • Advocate and facilitate awareness programs with relevant Govt. agencies on risk and prevention of stroke.
    • Facilitate non-medical and community-based rehabilitation services to the patients diagnosed with stroke in the holistic manners.
    • Facilitate or carry out research on stroke related issues.

About Bhutan Stroke Foundation


Inspired by His Majesty the King’s vision to build a compassionate and happy society, and Ministry of Health’s vision of ‘A Nation with the Best Health’,

Considering the growing population, especially the number of persons diagnosed with stroke and multiple mental health issues,

Realizing the urgent need to institute formal social community services and facilities to address the needs of families and persons diagnosed with stroke,

Committed in creating an environment that supports and promotes services for persons diagnosed with stroke to enhance the quality of their lives and their families,

Bhutan Stroke Foundation is governed by a supervisory Board of Director which is the principal policy making body.

A board comprise of five members including chairperson, secretary, treasurer and other two members.

Summary of Bhutan Stroke Foundation (BSF)

BSF is registered Civil Society Organization (CSO). It is aimed at providing a holistic non-medical and community-based rehabilitation and create awareness through both modern and proven traditional methods to the patients diagnosed with stroke.

BSF, is planned to provide holistic services to the stroke patients in a professional manner. It is envisioned to be a center equipped with adequate facilities and friendly environment where stroke patients receive the services regularly.

The Foundation will emphasize on creating awareness on the root causes of cardiovascular diseases that lead to stroke; and will focus on preventive measures. In support of the Ministry of Health’ s fervent endeavors on combating the NCDs, the foundation will attempt to create the spaces for physical activities in various areas.

The Foundation will collaborate with other relevant agencies; JDWNRH for technical support; MoH and Gross National Happiness Commission Secretariat (GNHCS) for guidance and support; and other CSOs and stakeholders for goodwill and mutual benefits. The foundation has plans to collaborate with other national and international centers to keep abreast with new ideas and knowledge.